Dates (written traditional or as roman numerals)

 Latitude/Longitude coordinates

 To the moon and back

 I love you Dad

 Trust Me I Am A Lawyer

 Father of the Bride

 I Loved Her First

Superhero Dad

Secretly I Am A Superhero

Viva Con Dios (go with God in Spanish)

Ser Valiente (be brave in Spanish)

Work Hard, Play Hard


Best Grandpa

Love you forever

Meet you at the alter

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*Square cufflinks only come in one size (1/2") and only fit 4-5 characters.  They are best for initials or single words.

*Round cufflinks come in three sizes and fit up to 28 characters (including spaces).  They are works great for names, dates and special sayings.

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*as long as your inscription fits,

the possibilities are endless

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Round custom cufflinks are available in three sizes:

  • smallest size (5/8") fits about 18 characters
  • medium size (3/4") fits about 20-22 characters
  • largest size (7/8") fits about 28 characters, but is more novelty and not as wearable

  2) Choose a font style